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Some programming samples

VAX Super Robot (BlitzBasic) Just unzip in a folder and run the EXE (tested on Windows 10) readme

Poker Solitaire (HTML & Javascript)

Example of PHP and basic CRUD mySQL access. This is prototype hardware database I created for armchairarcade.com. It never got used but I was happy anyhow as I taught myself basic database PHP coding doing this. You can create and amend entries in a database, link screenshot images to an entry, and the "matrix" option is a simple reporting tool that lets you filter and sort the contents of the database.
Click here for the (very basic!) Main Menu

Example of PHP web service. Click here For the documentation for a cocktail database and web service for use with mobile apps. Returns data in xml or json formats.

6502 assembler hacking. Atari 2600/VCS ROMS that I have amended to run full screen and full speed with PAL colours for use with the brilliant Harmony Cartridge and a PAL Atari 2600 console. (These will also run in the Stella emulator). Thanks to all at atariage.com for help with these - credit for some disassemblies and hints and help..etc (Nukey Shay(RIP), Spiceware, Debro, Thomas Jentzsch, Random Terrain and others)
Tools Used: DASM assembler, the great Stella emulator and debugger, Random Terrain's colour conversion tables, and Distella for creating my own disassemblies. I have provided links to the source code where I have created the disassembly myself from scratch. In these I have only commented code with respect to PAL & NTSC colour code conversions and the occasional change I had to make to the logic.
PAL60 Adventure
PAL60 Air Sea Battle
PAL60 Asteroids
PAL60 Berzerk
PAL60 Adventure
PAL60 Demon Attack
PAL60 Freeway
PAL60 Kaboom! (got me started doing this as I wanted to play this full speed)
PAL60 Keystone Kapers  SOURCE CODE
PAL60 Pitfall
PAL60 River Raid
PAL60 Space Invaders  SOURCE CODE
PAL60 Space War
PAL60 Surround
PAL60 Yars Revenge

Asteroids Deluxe Cabinet - I own one of these! Pictures here

OMAKE! Images and other assets from Sega Saturn game discs. Files here

SHMUPS - My small collection of 1CCs - screenshots here